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Medieval Math-  April - August 2018

Lucerna Studios - Project Manager, Lead Designer

Genre - Mobile-VR, Educational Math, Tower Defense Game

Engine - Unity 2017

Team Size - 4

Runs On: iOS (VR), Andorid (VR)

Medieval Math  is a Mobile VR application developed by Lucerna Studios from February - August 2018.  I joined in April in the role of Project Manager, and Lead Designer for the start up. As Project Manager I coordinated with the CEO to plan initiatives for the continuing development of Medieval Math. I implemented a more agile strategy in the development, leading Sprint planning meetings, retrospectives and continuously managing the backlog.  In addition to being Project Manager I also served as Lead Designer. I developed gameplay elements, handled documentation, and ensured that educational lessons were engaging and met CPALMS Standards.

medivalmath_titleslide 2.png




Project Manager

  • Conducted Sprint planning meetings, retrospectives for a start up

  • Managed backlogs, Quality assurance, gameplay testing, and scrum meetings

  • Wrote game design documents, technical design documents, and art asset spreadsheets

Lead Designer

  • Designed gameplay elements including skill trees, in game currency systems, power-ups, and story elements

  • Designed and developed levels

  • Utilized Unity's landscape editing tools, and created a script to manipulate the landscape

  • Wrote scripts for in game power ups, and skill tree

  • Designed Educational lessons 



Working at a very small educational game studio allowed me to wear many hats. I wrote all of our documentation throughout development. I designed the majority of the gameplay systems, enemy behaviors, and curriculum lessons, and I even got to design and create the levels. I scripted multiple systems from the skill trees to the arrow power-ups. I researched and developed gameplay curriculum lessons based on CPALMS standards for Florida Middle-schoolers. I worked along side the CEO to coordinate milestones, and helped write pitches to scale-up investors. 

Power Up Arrows

Power Up Arrows

Number Line Question

Number Line Question

Skill Trees

Skill Trees

Lava Level

Lava Level

Desert Level

Desert Level

Frost Level

Frost Level



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