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Bread Baron - March - May 2017

Bread Baron Studios - Lead Producer / Tech lead

Genre -  Twin stick shooter

Engine - Unity 5

Team Size - 6

Runs On: PC & Mac


Bread Baron is a 3D third person, twin stick shooter pitting a sleepy old grandmother against a horde of murderous pigeons. The player can utilize three distinct power ups, and choose between two powerful weapons. Players must complete two, two minute rounds on different maps. Kill as many pigeons as you can for the high score. 



Lead Producer

  • Managed the tasks and sprint planning 

  • Coordinated with creative director to ensure that vision would be met while remaining in scope

  • Conducted weekly check ins to stay on top of progress

  • Tracked tasks with HacknPlan

  • Presented project to group of peers for feedback

  • Scheduled play testing session

  • Wrote game design document and backlog

Tech Lead ​

  • Set up basic mechanics, move, shoot, pick up item, drop traps

  • Implemented the damage and fire rate increase pick ups, and the health boost pick up

  • Wrote scripts to incorporate a wall trap, stun bomb, and teleport 

  • Implemented UI elements in engine



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